Features of the MyLabBook ELN

Flexible Protocols

The basic ProtocolStep content type provides the different field types that are needed for most types of protocols. A sequence of protocol steps provides whatever protocol that you need for your experiment.

Geolocation of Data Points

Unique compared to most Electronic Lab Notebooks, MyLabBook uses the geolocation modules of Drupal to provide the ability to geolocate data points and display them on a map

Thousands of Extensions

Being based on Drupal 8 provides MyLabBook access to the thousands of extensions available on the Drupal website.

Free and Open Source

MyLabBook has the same GPL 2 license as Drupal.

Easy to Install

Just a few clicks to install on a server configured with a basic LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) installation. It's easy to load the database with sample data as well.