History of Using Drupal

Evolving with the UH Biotech Program

We began using a customized version of Drupal 6 for the first biotech classes at the University of Houston in 2008 to help students keep track of their data, enhance collaboration and improve data analysis. We have continued to use this approach to collect data from the BTEC 3100 class every fall semester, upgrading the Drupal version from 6 to 7 and soon to 8.

A Vision for the Future

Making experiemental data management easier and better

Drupal has proven to be very useful for our needs, but we believe that we have only used a small part of what Drupal could easily be used for in a laboratory setting. The purpose of this site is currently to be a placeholder while we work on a social network website to further explore possibilities, share experiences and empower other labs for the use of Drupal. Initial development will be for use as an ELN with plans to later add capabilities for a LIMS and features for the collection and management of experimental data. Some of these possibiliites are listed in the side panel.